Frequently Asked Questions | NAVY Hair Care

Are NAVY products safe for color-treated hair or chemically treated hair?



Are NAVY products Sulfate, Mineral-Oil and Paraben free?

Yes, Yes and Yes!


Does NAVY test on animals?

NAVY does not test its products on animals.


Does NAVY Products use alcohol?
Yes, in order to uphold a high level of performance, a certain amount of alcohols are needed for this specific formulation. However, they are cosmetic-grade alcohols that do not dry or strip the hair. As a result, you can attain the style you want without the undesirable effects that alcohols are sometimes affiliated with.


Do NAVY products contain silicone?

Yes. NAVY strategically utilizes high performance silicones in some of our products to obtain the proper amount flexibility to leave your hair feeling nourished and protected. The silicones that we use are high quality in comparison to other silicones many other Hair Care companies use that are of lower grade (and standards). These lower grade silicones generate residue and build up, leaving the hair weighed down and lifeless. The silicones we use in our products are water-soluble, leaving no build up, no residue and do not weigh down your hair. 


Is NAVY manufactured in the USA?

Yes, all NAVY products are manufactured in the United States.


Are your products environmentally safe?

Absolutely. NAVY cares about the safety and the future of our planet. That is why we have made sure to utilize technology in our aerosol cans that do not omit harsh chemicals into the air when being sprayed. Also, all of our packaging and products are Eco-Friendly - PLEASE RECYCLE!